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  How to maintain the self unloading iron separator in the process of use?  
發布時間:2022.02.25 新聞來源:Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.

How to maintain the self unloading iron separator in the process of use? About this problem, you can have a detailed understanding of the small braided belt of self unloading iron separator.

Ensure the cleanness of the iron remover, and timely remove the oil stain, dust, iron filings and iron powder on the equipment; Regularly check whether the wire of the iron separator is aging, and if so, replace it with a new line immediately; Regularly check whether the tightness of fasteners and hangers at all parts is loose, and fasten them regularly; Check whether the explosion-proof motor, reducer and bearing seat on the equipment are abnormal and lack of oil. If this situation is found, refuel and replenish oil immediately; During the operation of the iron separator, the excitation effect of the equipment shall be regularly checked for obvious changes and deviation. If the above phenomena are found, the operation shall be stopped immediately for maintenance. Regularly check the self unloading mechanism and wear, and adjust and replace it if necessary.

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