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  What are the factors that affect the iron removal effect of magnetic separation equipment  
發布時間:2022.04.20 新聞來源:Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.
The magnetic separation of magnetic separator is carried out according to the magnetic difference of mineral particles, which affects the magnetic separation index. In addition, the ore properties, equipment performance and operating conditions all have an impact on the effect of magnetic separation equipment. Among them, the ore properties are mainly as follows:
(1) magnetic size and relative difference of minerals in ore. The magnetic separator is based on the magnetic separation of minerals. The greater the magnetic susceptibility (magnetism) of minerals, the more favorable the magnetic separation; At the same time, minerals must have obvious magnetic differences, otherwise magnetic separation and purification cannot be carried out.
(2) fineness and particle size composition of selected minerals. Magnetic separation is mainly applicable to the separation and purification of coarse and medium-sized minerals. When the minerals themselves can achieve monomer dissociation, they should be as coarse as possible, generally greater than 0.074mm, and the particle size should be as uniform as possible.
(3) Sliming and covering of minerals. Some minerals such as hematite and limonite are easy to slime and often form slime cover. In addition, their magnetism is weak, which will greatly affect the effect of magnetic separation. For this, measures such as proper cleaning or control of grinding fineness shall be taken.

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