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  What should I pay attention to when installing the magnetic separator  
發布時間:2022.05.12 新聞來源:Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.
The installation quality of the magnetic separator must meet the standard, otherwise the installation quality problems can not be used normally, and there are many unknown dangers. So let's talk about what we need to pay attention to when installing the equipment.
1、 Before installing the magnetic separator, check and accept the equipment in the device to see if there is product description, certificate and other relevant information to ensure the quality of each equipment.
2、 During installation, the magnetic separator shall be installed according to the installation drawings, so as to avoid installation errors during installation and make the device unusable.
3、 It is also important to conduct acceptance after installation to see if there is any installation error, and test run it. The operation can be completed only after confirmation.
Therefore, when installing the magnetic separator, we must pay more attention to the above aspects and carry out the installation operation in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, so as to better ensure the installation quality of the equipment.

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