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  The reason why the vibrating screen is not ideal is here  
發布時間:2022.08.09 新聞來源:Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.
Vibrating screen is a machine used for ore screening. There may be some problems in the use of vibrating screen. What causes the poor screening quality of vibrating screen?
1. Mesh clogging
When the mud content and water content in the feed are high, the material will stick to the screen hole and block the screen hole. At this time, the screen hole shall be cleaned first, and then the water spray amount and the screen surface inclination shall be adjusted appropriately.
2. The sieve hole is severely worn
When the screen is used for a long time, the mesh will be seriously worn and the screening effect will be seriously affected. At this time, the worn mesh shall be repaired. When the wear is serious, the mesh shall be replaced.
3. Uneven feeding of sieve
When the feeding groove of the screen is too narrow, the material can not be evenly distributed along the whole screen surface, so that the screen surface can not be effectively used, and the screening effect will be affected. At this time, the width of the feeding chute shall be adjusted to make the feeding of the sieve uniform.
4. The material on the screen is too thick
The material on the screen is too thick, which may be caused by the larger feeding amount, the blockage of the screen hole, the small inclination of the screen surface, etc. At this time, it should be adjusted according to the specific situation.

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