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  How to prolong the service life of your magnetic separato  
發布時間:2022.10.28 新聞來源:Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.
1. Inspection before operation:
Whether the discharge scraper is in normal contact with the cylinder surface;
Whether the oil quantity in the bearing and reducer is appropriate;
Whether all bolts are loose;
Whether the power supply is faulty;
Whether there are objects in the tank that hinder the operation.
2. After check, operate according to the following procedures:
Turn on the power supply to make the equipment run;
A small amount of ore shall be fed first, and then the ore shall be fed at full load after it is normal;
When stopping the machine, stop ore feeding first, and then stop the machine after discharging the minerals.
2、 Regular maintenance
1. It is strictly prohibited to bump and hit the drum surface, and the wear of the magnetic cylinder skin should be checked frequently. When the wear depth of the outer shell exceeds 1mm, it shall be replaced in time.
2. Clean up the iron filings on the surface of the magnetic roller regularly to reduce wear. Excessive iron filings will cause huge resistance and seriously affect the magnetic separation effect.
3. It is strictly prohibited that ferromagnetic objects (more than 1mm) approach the magnetic roll surface to avoid equipment damage. Larger ironware may not be removed if it is adsorbed on the drum.
4. Check the fixing screws of each part regularly to avoid equipment failure caused by looseness.
5. Magnetic cards, mobile phones, watches and other easily magnetized objects must not be close to the magnetic roll!

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