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  Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd., is specialized in magnetic separation equipment, automation and control equipment, magnetic machinery and equipment development, production and sales company, is a well-known enterprises in domestic building materials industry. The main products are: a variety of magnetic separation equipment, in addition to the iron equipment, automation and measurement equipment, metal detector, feeder equipment, the equipment has been widely used in cement, mining, electricity, ceramics, metallurgy, coking, chemical, food and other industries .
  Companies adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, mutually beneficial win-win" production and management guidelines, survive by quality, technology and progress, to develop varieties, reputation for service, constantly developing new products, explore new areas, with advanced technology for every processes responsible for each product is responsible, responsible for every user, dedication to customer service.  Our machines are reliable and stable quality of production and sales, and various integrated economic indicators ranking the forefront of the domestic industry.

  Since its inception, always adhere to "people-oriented regulations for the program management approach.  Product quality requirements, start from the trivial, from the subtle to start with, the from prenatal procurement standard, to the sale of the end-user satisfaction, and implementing the quality management concept, won the majority of user acceptance and trust.  The same time, technological innovation and improvement, based on existing equipment and technology base, actively involved in funding the introduction of advanced equipment, to increase cooperation and domestic and foreign counterparts, as well as scientific research units, always leading and update the status, make the product more value-added.

  The market is the sole criterion for testing the quality, in our constant pursuit and effort, we are willing to use the power of our reserves, in good faith and diligence of our customers!  Create value for our prosperous country.


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