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Linqu Huazhong Jixieshebei Co., Ltd.
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Enterprise spirit: build brand strength, integrity molded the future
Business philosophy: manage the process of fine manufacturing lean product quality boutique talent capable of
Operating principles: customer satisfaction target value and innovation as the driving force teamwork to protect the quick and efficient means of efficiency increase for the purpose of
Action: absolute obedience to resolutely implement the
Working guidelines: their duties all do their best collaboration orderly and efficient operation
Staff Code of Conduct: consciously abide by the rules and regulations against illegal chaotic century absolute obedience to the leadership of the company against the self-assertion to obey orders resolutely and thoroughly opposed to the bargaining taken into consideration the overall interests of the company against the abuse of power have strict integrity of others against fraud work enthusiasm take the initiative against the slack and continuously improve their quality of objection does not seek improvement




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