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First, the general requirements
One must go through this type of work and safety professional, technical training, passed the examination to obtain an operating certificate only after the certificates.
2 familiar with the job process, the understanding of coal containing debris amount.
Three well-known separator structure, performance, and works, familiar with its operation, safety requirements and to exclude the general failure of the method.
4 strict implementation of the coal preparation plant safety rules, the technical operation of personal responsibility, shift system and other related provisions.
5 posts when required to wear a good labor supplies.
Second, the safety requirements
6 with dump separator running process is strictly forbidden to stay in front of the unloading of iron location and are prohibited from any part of the body into the unloading iron chute below.
7 belt conveyor, and separator in the running and working conditions, the iron removal operation is strictly prohibited.
8 is strictly prohibited standing separator below the clean-up iron and other debris.
Third, work preparation before
9 required by the "coal preparation plant mechanical and electrical equipment to check the General check before driving separator various parts of the situation, identify problems and report processing.
OF 10 checks whether the security device is safe and reliable, in addition to iron chute whether to lay a trap, identify problems in time.
Fourth, the normal operation of the provisions of
11 separator must be a start in the main belt before driving, parking, materials to be the main belt to pull the empty parking before parking.
12 sucked out of the iron recovery clean-up, and found that the detonators must be turned over to the workshop, is strictly prohibited possession.
13 separator run, prohibited the discharge port in the separator and iron four weeks to move around, stay or clean up the iron to prevent iron wounding.
14 process, regular checks of the equipment operation, when the belt run, the joint clamp opening, body sway and other anomalies, must immediately stop and report on plant dispatch room.
15 maintenance or handling of separator failure, must be cut off.
5, the operation after
16 in place while driving, after receiving the stop signal to be on the device materials before they press the stop button to stop.
17 sets control when driving by the Centralized Traffic Control Parking.
18 shift change before the work of regional health should be clean and neatly stacked, all kinds of items.
19 should be in the field shift, explained in detail the operation status of the Qing This class separator to the succession of officers, failures and problems of good This class fill out the required operation logs, and fulfill all the shift procedures, side can handover.


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